Sunday, July 1, 2012

It’s time to link your baked breads of July to BYOB – Bake Your Own Bread.

There’s a big breadbasket to be filled with homemade breads baked in July. We have a few full baskets already from the previous months; go and see and be inspired.  

Come and join us all in filling the July basket. All the breads you bake during this month are more than welcome. But, there’s more. Also if you want to share knowledge on baking a bread, bread book review or have a bread based recipe you want to tell us all.

Starting this month we have a new category added: the BYOB – Featured Bread Blog of the month. We’ve picked a fellow home baker and bread blogger and now we all meet her. The Featured Bread Blog of July is: Bread Experience
Cathy, previous host of BYOB, has baked a lot of breads and her box is filled with great recipes. There are so many, it’s must be easy to choose one or more to bake this month.

How do you participate?
1.    Bake bread in any form (use your own recipe or use one of Cathy’s)
2.    Post about it on your blog and make a manual back link to BYOB (name BYOB in your post) or by using the BYOB logo (copy the code) in your post (otherwise the Linky tool doesn’t work!)
3.    When you are linking a post that was inspired by the BYOB - Featured Bread Blog of the month; Bread Experience, please put in your blog name - *name of the bread.  The little * (asterisk) will allow us to list your post twice and identifies you as a featured blog poster.

Are you new to BYOB? Have a look here for more information. Do you have a question? Please send an email ("")

Heather of Girlichef  started to fill the breadbasket in 2012 and starting this month Michelle of Delectable Musings and I, Connie, are helping her. On our blogs you can add your bread and it will be linked to the big breadbasket.

Let the filling of the July bread basket begin!

1. Kitchen Flavours - Thirty-Minute White Bread

2. Sweet Life - Indian Frybread

3. girlichef - Red, White, & Blue Muffins

4. girlichef - Cream Cheese & Almond Coffee Cake

5. My Discovery of Bread - Macadamia & Honey Pie

6. Lavender and Lovage - Pan Bagnat

7. Food Mazaa - Masala Bread Loaf

8. Bakers Corner - Bread from Genzano

9. A Homemakers Diary - 100%Whole Wheat Dinner rolls

10. Thyme in our Kitchen - Cardamom Bread

11. The Yum Factor - Walnut and Fig Loaf

12. Angies Recipes - Mixed Seeds Light Rye Bread

13. What Smells So Good? - Buttermilk French Toast with Homemade Cinnamon - Raisin Bread

14. Frozen Wings - Old Fashioned Raisin Rolls

15. Apa. Faina. Sare. - 40 Percent Caraway Rye Bread

16. Paine si Desert - Kalamata olives bread

17. My Discovery of Bread - *Sourdough Seed Bread

18. Something Sweet - Rich Wheat Challah

19. Something Sweet - Cottage Cheese Yeast Rolls

20. girlichef - *Light-Rye Beer Bread

21. Vivian Pang Kitchen - Char Siew Buns with Pumpkin Dough/ Straight Dough Method

22. Zesty South Indian Kitchen - 100% Rye bread with Sourdough

23. The Simple Life: Arbitrary, Happy and Fulfilled - Maple Syrup Bread

24. Blue Kitchen Bakes - Cranberry & Cinnamon Loaf

25. Reese Kitchen - Chinese Doughnut

26. Bakers Corner - Bruschette with Stracchino cheese and Cherries

27. My Little Space - Soft Buttery Danish Loaf

28. Javenlin Warriors Cookin w/ Luv - Homemade Pizza Dough

29. Pear, Walnut & Goat’s Cheese Breakfast Buns (Muffins)

30. Cooking Pleasure - Twisted Purple Sweet Potato Buns [GDM]

31. Save Sourdough - My Daily bread: 65% wholegrain holey sourdough

32. Confessions of a Curious Cuisiniere - Wheat Pizza Dough

33. Kitchen Flavours - Cheddar Cheese Bread

34. Blue Kitchen Bakes - Banana Bread

35. French Nyonya - Potato Bread

36. Cookingpleasure - Meat Floss Buns

37. blog from OUR kitchen - Easy Little Bread (BBB)

38. Living in the Kitchen with Puppies - Easy Little Bread

39. Piece of Cake - Rosemary Foccacia

40. Vintage Kitchen Notes - Semolina bread

41. the boot blog - Crunchy Challah French Toast

42. girlichef - Baguettes (no-knead)

43. Cooking Pleasure - Milk Bread Loaf

44. Something Sweet - Sweet Potato Brioche

45. Hanielas food & photography - Soft Pretzel Tomato Bites

46. Lady Lunchalot - Baking Rye Bread

47. My Discovery of Bread -Couronne Bourdelaise

48. Cookingpleasure - Potato Sesame Seed Buns

49. Sweet and Thats It - Semolina Bread

50. Blue Kitchen Bakes - Chilli & Sesame Rolls

51. Kitchen Flavours - Braided Challah

52. Frozen Wings - Ham and Cheese Stromboli

53. Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Fresh Blueberry Brioche Muffins

54. Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Strawberry Jam-Swirled Brioche Bread

55. Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Fruit Galettes with Yeasted Tart Dough

56. Cooking Pleasure - Cornet Shaped Carrot Buns

57. Munaty Cooking - No Knead Artisan Rustic Bread

58. My Discovery of Bread - Parmesan cheese and Salami Rye Bread

59. The Garden Deli - Chilli & Herb Bread

60. Fuss Free Flavours - Tomato Chutney Rolls

61. cynthesizing food and fun - Braided Lemon Bread

62. Jessie Cooking Moments - Dried Longan Wholemeal Bread Rolls

63. girlichef - Easy Little Bread

64. Karens Kitchen Stories - *Poilane-Style Miche

65. Sweet and Thats it - Easy Little Bread

66. Chocolate & Chillies - Bran Enriched White Bread

67. Kitchen Flavours - *Light Wheat Bread

68. Cookingpleasure - Char Siew Sweet Buns

69. Bakers Corner - Pizza & Focaccia w/ sourdough starter

70. Cookingpleasure - Plain Flour Carrot Loaf [Straight Dough Method]

This linky list is now closed.

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  1. Hi Connie! So happy to have you as a co-host for BYOB...looking forward to our new venture =)