Saturday, August 31, 2013

Falafel with cucumber-garlic sauce

Pita with Falafel and sauce

I love to find new recipes and when I see something I like and haven't tried I can't wait to try it. This happened with Falafel. It was more than 8 years ago since I've had Falafel in the Netherlands. It's a vegetarian dish. The Falafel is made with chickpeas and herbs and baked in a pan. The pita's are filled with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and some pieces of Falafel and topped with cucumber/garlic/yoghurt sauce. It's really delicious!

Pita's ready to fill

one Falafel ready to eat

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Apple, Yoghurt, Rye and Cinnamon Sourdough Loaf

I bought some nice apples and I have homemade yoghurt in the refrigerator. I always have unbleached flour and rye in my pantry and the sourdough is ready for use.  So all I need is a nice recipe to combine this into a delicious loaf of bread.

I love what the people in Bourke Street Bakery make. Since I’m not going to Australia in the near future, I’ll bake what they share in their books. I’m happy that recipes are free of copyright and we can share them. Of course I mention and thank the creators of the recipe. I know that having the book is more fun than having just a recipe. 

Enough talking, it’s time to move to the kitchen and bake.

It’s a delicious smelling and fresh tasting loaf. I mixed the apple with the cinnamon before adding to the dough. This way you taste apple and cinnamon together instead of tasting cinnamon with each bite. It was the first time I used fresh apple in bread and it will not be the last time.