Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Breadsticks with Italian herbs

We live in a very small village in the North of Thailand. And we are very happy here. But sometimes we long for the tastes of the European delicatessen. A long time ago, long before I baked my own bread, we discovered an authentic Italian pizzeria in one of the big cities. And we were up for a treat. To our surprise the restaurant served complementary breadsticks on the table. There were sticks with sea salt, sesame seeds, Italian herbs and cheese.  And we eat them all, leaving only little space for the pizza yet to come.

Luckily now I can make them myself! The Rex Milano, pre-mix of Schmidt, looks promising to make breadsticks. The rolls with Italian herbs which I already made with this pre-mix, tasted really nice.

I followed the recipe Schmidt gave me.  I made some bread sticks with coarse sea salt, sesame seeds and some Parmesan cheese which I added at the end of baking time to prevent it from melting too much. It worked out well and we enjoyed all the breadsticks.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rolls with Italian herbs

This is already the fourth month I bake with pre-mixed flour of Schmidt. This month I choose Rex Milano. As the name suggests it’s filled with Italian herbs, sundried tomatoes and cheese. The kitchen smelled like a pizzeria. It’s easy dough to work with. The only question that came to my mind was about adding salt. I followed the recipe Schmidt gave me and didn’t include salt and it turned out ok.

The rolls smell very Italian and the soft crumb has a nice yellow golden color. This roll goes well with soup. It’s nice to taste bits of sundried tomatoes and Italian herbs.

ready to proof

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wheat Loaf in Dutch oven

Zorra has invited us all to come to her blog warming party and asked us to bring a loaf of bread. Have a look at this month’s Bread Baking Day #57.

The idea of a party made me turn on some music. Sometimes I like music while I bake bread and sometimes I enjoy the quietness. This morning I feel like listening to the Mantra of Compassionate Avalokitesvara. It brings back memories of time I spend in the temple. I lived for a year in a Buddhist temple in Thailand. During walking meditation we heard this mantra and others. Hearing this mantra also brings back the serenity I sometimes had.

Music works like thoughts, smells, images and other stimuli and takes you to a situation in the past or future. Reading Zorra’s invitation to come to her blog warming party did the same. I had a look around her new blog and saw enough to be inspired for the next time. And just before I clicked and took off for yet another good recipe it was time to come back to the present moment and bake for Zorra’s blog warming. I can’t go to her party without my gift. I baked a Wheat loaf.