Friday, March 8, 2013

Wheat Loaf in Dutch oven

Zorra has invited us all to come to her blog warming party and asked us to bring a loaf of bread. Have a look at this month’s Bread Baking Day #57.

The idea of a party made me turn on some music. Sometimes I like music while I bake bread and sometimes I enjoy the quietness. This morning I feel like listening to the Mantra of Compassionate Avalokitesvara. It brings back memories of time I spend in the temple. I lived for a year in a Buddhist temple in Thailand. During walking meditation we heard this mantra and others. Hearing this mantra also brings back the serenity I sometimes had.

Music works like thoughts, smells, images and other stimuli and takes you to a situation in the past or future. Reading Zorra’s invitation to come to her blog warming party did the same. I had a look around her new blog and saw enough to be inspired for the next time. And just before I clicked and took off for yet another good recipe it was time to come back to the present moment and bake for Zorra’s blog warming. I can’t go to her party without my gift. I baked a Wheat loaf.

Name                                       Wheat loaf in Dutch oven
Inspired by                               Daniel Leader’s Loacal Breads
Yields                                       1 loaf
Dough temp.                            24°C
Autolyse                                  20 minutes
Mixing                                      2 slow and 3 medium speed
Fermentation                            60 - 90 minutes
Shape                                      miche
Proof at roomtemp.                  60 minutes
Score                                       square on top
Bake 250°C                              in dutch oven for 50 minutes; 20 with lid and 30 without

This is what I used:
Bakers formula                      %          grams
Flour                                       100       620
Water                                      77        480
Salt                                          1.6       10       

Levain starter
stiff starter (60%)                                 50
unbleached all purpose flour               100
water                                                   75

Final Dough
Unbleached all purpose flour               200      
Whole wheat flour                              300
Water                                                 375
Salt                                                     10                                                       
Stiff levain starter                               225

This is what I did:
The night before I prepared the levain by mixing all ingredients in a plastic bowl, covering with plastic and leave to ferment for the night (8 – 12 hours).

The next morning I added the flours and water to the mixing bowl. I mixed until well combined, about 2 minutes. I left it for a long autolyse (20 minutes).
Then I added the salt and mixed for 3 minutes in the electric mixer for about 3 minutes until it reached a moderate gluten development.

Bulk Fermentation: transfer the dough to a slightly oiled containers, cover and leave for 1  hour. 

Shaping: I loosely shaped the dough into a boule, covered with a towel and left for 15 minutes to rest. I shaped it into a tighter boule and place it a floured towel in a bowl. I placed it in a plastic bag and closed it.

Proofing: I proofed the loaf for 60 minutes.

Pre heating: I pre heated the oven to 230°C and placed the Dutch oven.

Scoring: Gently turn the proofed loaf on parchment on a peel and scored it with a square on top of the loaf.

Preparing and Baking: When the oven is hot enough I placed the loaf with a piece of parchment in the Dutch oven and closed the lid.
I baked the loaf 20 minutes with lid and quickly removed the lid of the pan. I baked the loaf for another 30 minutes. Bake the loaf until it is dark brown colored.

Cooling: Let the loaf cool completely on a wire rack.

I send this to Zorra’s Bread Baking Day #57 and to Susan’s showcase of good looking and even better tasting bread YeastSpotting and to Roxanne’s Bake Your Own Bread


  1. Miss bread making a lot. Haven't been baking it much lately. Yours looks terrific.
    Happy Weekend.

    1. Thanks Kristy, let me know when you are baking bread again. Maybe this wheat loaf is a nice way to start ?

  2. That looks amazing. I need to feed my stiff starter and bake this! Thanks for the inspiration. =)

    1. Thanks Karen, let me know how you wheat loaf tasted and looks.

  3. Good idea to bake bread and listening to some good music. Love your loaf, thank you for joining the party!

  4. Hi Zorra, always a joy to bake with you for BBD!

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