Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Scoop" bread

French countryside with poolish

This is my first post since a long time. In the last few months we went 3 times to the Netherlands. And every time we went because of dying family members. This last time we went to be with my mother. She died on March 3th. She was 81 years old and died surrounded by the ones who loved her. 
For me that’s a comforting thought. What is left are many good memories and my brother and I. That’s good!
When we came back the freezer was empty and my sourdough was in a deep sleep in the refrigerator. It will take time to wake it up or I start a new one.

Even though you can buy great bread in the Netherlands I still prefer my own bread. I choose a mixture of recipes and this is the result; delicious and easy French countryside with poolish.

The evening before I mixed the flour, water and yeast in a plastic bowl, covered it and left it to ferment until the next morning. It was full of bubbles and smelled freshly sour. Not a nice a good sourdough, but still very nice.  

I scooped the dough out of the mixing bowl into the plastic bowl to ferment. I decided to forget the shaping and scooped the dough onto a thick floured tea towel and left it to proof. It was a while since I baked with my cast iron pan (Dutch oven). Again I, kind of, scooped the dough into the very hot cast iron pan.

The taste and smell of this easy bread is delicious.