Friday, January 29, 2016

Sourdough sprouted wheat loaf with a biga

This time Zorra of Kochtopf and the host for BBD 79 and initiator of the Bread Baking Day and World Bread Day asked us to bake with a Biga (a firm preferment, which is used mainly in Italian breads). Zorra also asked us to experiment. I think I did. 

In Chad Robertson's latest book, Tartine No. 3, Modern, Ancient, Classic, I found a recipe with sprouted wheat that appealed to me. In fact all loaves appeal to me, but that is for next time. Chad uses leaven for his loaves and I used a biga because I love to participate with the Bread Baking Day. Instead of high-extraction wheat flour and medium strong bread flour I used flour 550 and added sprouted wheat.

We found organic wheat berry and they sprouted beautifully. It took me 4 days to get this freshly sprouted wheat 

Normally I use my electric mixer for kneading dough. But, not today. Chad uses his hands instead. He uses “the master method” for most of his breads. I followed Chad’s instructions used my hands and let time do the rest. 

I proofed the dough in the refrigerator and it proofed very well. When I wanted to transfer it to the Dutch oven it almost slipped out of my hands, it was so full of bubbles. I was happy not to burn myself and didn't care for the shape. 

The result is good smelling, very good tasting and healthy bread. I will definitely bake this again!