Friday, March 25, 2016


5 years ago I baked my first kind of Povitica. We visited Peter’s daughter, Nieke and her husband Miron and our granddaughter Stella (now she has a sister Emma). There we met Visnja, Nieke’s Croatian mother in law. We talked about baking bread and she told me about Povitica (poh-vee-TEET-sah) Croatian walnut bread. She told me that her father loved this bread, but her mother couldn't bake it. I told her I would (try to) bake it for them. Because we can’t give them the real bread, since they are in Holland and we are here in Thailand we will share it with friends. This way, more people will enjoy this Croatian Povitica. Povitica means "to roll" or "to wrap".

My first Povitica was NOT a success. 5 years ago I could find 1 recipe on Internet. The recipe was not clear and I had no idea how Povitica should look like. Today it's completely different. Internet is filled with recipes for Povitica. It was on tv too. The contestants of The British Bake Off baked it. I used Paul Hollywood's recipe and it worked good for me. 

Today I made it again. Next month we are going to the Netherlands again to visit our family and friends. Thinking of them helped me to choose bread to bake for Bread Baking Day #81 with the theme: Breads from all over the world. Sandra of Snuggs Kitchen is the lovely host for this month's BBD.

Povitica, this sweet or savory pastry is made with yeast-raised dough that is rolled or stretched out thinly and then spread with a filling. It is then rolled up jellyroll-style and baked variously as a log, in a crescent shape, in a loaf pan or in a Bundt pan. 

Finely ground walnuts sweetened with honey or sugar is the traditional filling and that's why many people refer to these pastries as nut rolls.

It's delicious, festive looking, great smelling and ready to eat bread. And it's really fun to make. I will make this again.

(*) I followed Paul's recipe, except for the sugar. I try to avoid sugar. But baking sweet bread asks for sugar or a sweet substitute. I grounded granulated organic sugar for the dough, because the size of the granules has an effect on the dough and the outcome of the bread. Since this doesn't apply for the filling I used natural sugar. In Thailand we have a lot of coconut sugar and cane sugar. I'm not saying this is better or healthy sugar. It's still sugar, but for me less bad then refined sugar.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Norwich Sourdough with Breadcrumb

I have a big bowl with homemade breadcrumb. It all started with delicious smelling and good looking baguettes from Chad Roberts Tartine, book no. 3.
I dried the bread in the sun and ground it in the food processor. 

Everything went as I hoped it would. But then I noticed no oven-spring. Were they over-proofed? It's hot, 34 degrees, in our house at the moment. At that time there was nothing I could do. At least they had a nice color ;-) After they cooled enough I cut one open and the dough was still raw!! Then it finally struck me, we were out of gas!

Luckily I knew I could re-use the old bread as bread crumb. One day I will bake Chad's  baguettes, because they smelled great. But today I use the bread crumbs in a no fail Norwich Sourdough by Susan's WildYeast

Julia Child's French Bread

Always delicious and easy: Julia Child's french bread. Today with the best soup ever: Roasted Garlic Soup, what a combination

I send this bread to We Love Yeast