Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bread with sourdough and oat porridge

Zorra of Kochtopf, the lovely host for BBD 80 and initiator of the Bread Baking Day and World Bread Day asked us to bake Bread with Sourdough. I have sourdough in my fridge and it's ready! 

 Chad Robertson's latest book, Tartine No. 3, Modern, Ancient, Classic, I found a recipe with Oat Porridge. 

I use Lievito Madre, a Italian sourdough. I love it because it stays in the fridge until I need it and it doesn't tastes and smells too sour. This is how I make it

Lievito Madre, start mixture: (ferment 2 days at roomtemperature)
200 gr Unbleached AP 550, 100 gr Water, 25 gr Honey, 15 gr Oil     
Firsth feeding: (ferment 1 - 2 days at roomtemperature)100 gr from start mixture, 100 gr Unbleached AP 550, 50 Water, 5 Honey
2nd (and continue) feeding: (ripen 2 -  5 days in refrigerator)100 gr from 1th feeding, 100 gr Unbleached AP 550, 50 gr Water

Chad really knows what he and his team are doing. His loaves taste good! I will definitely bake this again!