Friday, May 27, 2016

36 hours sourdough Baguette with rice flour

When we came home from our yearly trip to the Netherlands I had a quick look at Zorra's page Kochtopf to see what type of bread we were asked to bake for Bread Baking Day 83. Zorra came up with the idea of baking with special flours.

Since I don't have access to the special flours like emmer, buckwheat, kamut or einkorn Zorra mentions in her post I was happy to see rice flour. We have plenty of rice flour here in Thailand. But, what can I bake with rice flour?
After a good look in my long list of "breads I want to bake" I saw a recipe by TXFarmer. She baked delicious looking baguettes and added some rice flour after a trip to South East Asia.

Before we left for the Netherlands I dried my starter and revived it in just a few days! I'm so happy with "my" Lievito Madre. I'm using for this one a few years already.

Even though I'm baking bread for some years now, I'm still not very good at shaping baguette. I let the bulk rise go too long (because of the high temperature) it showed beautiful big bubbles, but this makes it very hard to shape into a good looking baguette. There is only 50 grams of rice flour in the dough, but it still makes a difference in taste. I was happy with the result and the baguette tasted delicious.