Monday, February 18, 2013

Frankisher Kipf with Sourdough and 7-grains

About one week ago I baked these delicious Frankisher Kipf or Crusty Rolls. Today I wanted to bake them with sourdough and 7 grains. It's a great recipe which allows you to play with it. 

Bakers yeast doesn't goes well with gout and arthritis so whenever I can, I will use sourdough instead. And we like grains in our bread. 

So here are the crusty rolls with grains! 

I did the same as with the other Frankisher Kipf or crusty rolls. I changed the 2.6 grams yeast for 150 grams of active sourdough and instead of the rye flour I added 25 grams of 7-grains. 
For the poolish I kept with the 0.03 grams of dry active yeast.

Did you like them too?

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