Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brown Sourdough Bread with Soya, Oats, Flax and Sunflower seeds

This month I baked bread using the pre-mixed flour given to me by Schmidt from Chiang Mai, Thailand. This time I choose Multi Malt Mix.

In the mix you find: Soya, Oats, Flax seeds and Sunflower seeds. This all makes it healthy bread. The malt gives it a nice color without the taste of molasses. For many years’ people thought brown bread is healthy. We know it’s not the color that makes bread healthy, but the ingredients like whole wheat, oats, flax seed and using unbleached flour.

The original recipe uses baker’s yeast which I changed for my own sourdough starter. I have good results with the stiff starter, especially during hot weather. The 100% sourdough starter sometimes grows too fast during the night, even with a pinch of salt. The 66% sourdough starter acts more stabile and gives me more time in the morning to get started.

It’s delicious bread. The malt gives it a nice soft crumb and a nice smell. The soya, oats, flax and sunflower seeds give this bread a good taste. Luckily there’s enough mix left in the bag to bake more loaves.

Name                                       Brown Sourdough Bread with Soya, Oats, Flax and Sunflower seeds 
Adapted from                           Schmidt
Yields                                       1 loaf
Dough temp.                             24°C
Autolyse                                   60 minutes
Mixing                                      2 slow and 3 medium speed
Fermentation                            90 minutes
Stretch and Fold                       1 after 30 minutes
Shape                                       boulle
Proof at roomtemp.                  60 minutes
Bake 230°C                              30 minutes; 10 with steam and 20 without

This is what I used:
Bakers formula                         %          grams
Flour                                        100       500
Water                                        79        300
Salt                                          1.2       10       

Levain starter
stiff starter                                            45
unbleached all purpose flour                    95
Whole wheat flour                                    5
water                                                     50

Final Dough
Unbleached all purpose flour                    250      
Multi Malt Mix                                         250
Water                                                    300
Salt                                                       10                                                       
Stiff levain starter                                  145

This is what I did:
The night before I prepared the levain by mixing all ingredients in a plastic bowl, covering with plastic and leave to ferment for the night (8 – 12 hours).

The next morning I mixed all ingredients, except salt, for 2 minutes until combined. Cover and leave for autolyse for 1 hour.
I added the salt and mixed for 3 minutes in my mixer until it reached a moderate gluten development.

Bulk Fermentation: transfer the dough to a slightly oiled containers, cover and leave for 1.5  hours. 

Stretch and Fold:
after 30 minutes I stretched and folded ones.

Shaping: I loosely shaped the dough into a boulle, covered with a towel and left for 15 minutes to rest. I shaped it into a tighter boulle and place it upside down in a floured banneton. 

Proofing: I proofed the loaf for 60 minutes.

Pre heating: I pre heated the oven to 230°C.

Preparing and Baking: When the oven is hot enough I boil water and pour it in a glass bottle with a long neck. I pour some boiling water on the hot stones and quickly close the oven door to keep the steam in the oven.
I place the loaf on parchment on a peel and scored it with one slash lengthwise. Transfer to the oven and quickly slide the loaf on the baking stone. After some minutes I add some more water to get more steam.
I baked the loaf 10 minutes with steam and quickly removed the parchment paper and the steam pan. I baked the loaf for another 25 minutes. Bake the loaf until it is dark brown colored.

Cooling: Let the loaf cool completely on a wire rack.

I send this to Susan’s YeastSpotting and to Bake Your Own Bread

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