Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brown Tartine

We love Tartine bread and we love brown bread, so why not combine the two. That’s what I did and this is the result. For the complete recipe have a look at my discovery of …. Here you find my experiences on baking Tartine bread.

For this brown tartine I used:
350 grams plus 25 grams lukewarm water
100 grams leaven
450 grams white all purpose flour
50 grams whole wheat bran grounded in my grinder (so it was coarse)
10 grams roasted malt
10 grams salt

It was a hot day, 36˚C, and I had to place the dough in the refrigerator during bulk fermentation and during proofing. It was in the refrigerator for just a few hours. 

I just bought a new banneton and was eager to use, but the dough was so sticky I had to punch it down and form it again after proofing. It stuck to the banneton and I had no other choice, but it worked out great. Next time I use more flour in the banneton. 
I made a boulle and after 30 minutes proofing I scored it with a X and placed it in the hot oven. This is the result; again a delicious Brown Tartine.
The starter floated on the water and was ready
I soaked the whole wheat bran in 150 grams of water and added the roasted malt. Nice color.
The brown mixture added to the white flour.
Have a look at the next Tartine coming out of my oven these coming months.

I will send this Brown Tartine to Yeastspotting and to BYOB

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