Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sourdough Roasted Garlic Buns

It’s been a while since I posted my baked breads. I do bake even though I don’t post about it.

We just came back from a visit to the Netherlands. This time we had a very nice reason to go. Our second granddaughter was born. It was great seeing her with her 4 year old sister. We had a good time with family and friends. We love our Thai life, but it’s also nice to be back. Giving all those we love a real hug. Visiting all those great museums, bare feet walking along the beach, enjoying the forests and eating food we normally don’t eat anymore.

The Netherlands is a land of bread and cheese. I dare say it has the best cheese in the world (and France has the best mold cheese). If you ever visit the Netherlands don’t forget to sample the cheeses. There are many delicious old, mature and young cheeses, but for this bun it has to be mature Weydeland cheese. It’s creamy and mature. The best taste experience is when you eat just cheese and forget the rest. But, that’s my opinion. I’m NOT paid by anyone to talk about our love for Dutch cheese!

Zorra organize WorldBread Day for many years, what a great job!! This 9th year year! 
Have a look at the huge number of breads baked by home bakers from all over the world.
I looked forward to World Bread Day and came up with bread we love in our house. It has both of our worlds: Thai garlic and Dutch cheese. I found this amazingly delicious bread baked by Susan of Wild Yeast; sourdough roasted garlic bread. I was in the mood for buns and I changed the recipe a bit. I added whole wheat bran, spelt and wheat germ.

For me the smell of roasted garlic is one of the best smells coming from the kitchen. I added 2 onions and mixed it with the garlic paste. Who knows when we can send the smell of roasted garlic with melted Weydeland cheese digitally? Till that time we have to bake these buns ourselves.

Name                                       Sourdough Roasted Garlic Buns
Adapted from                          Della Fatoria from Maggie Glezer’s Artisan Baking
Yields                                      10 buns
Dough temp.                            24°C
Autolyse                                  20 minutes
Mixing                                      2 slow and 3 medium speed
Fermentation                           240 minutes
Stretch/Fold                            30 – 60 -90 minutes
Shape                                      round
Proof at roomtemp.                 240 minutes
Score                                       none
Bake 230°C                              35 minutes; 10 with steam and 25 without

This is what I used:
Bakers formula                      %          grams
Flour                                        100       582
Water                                       72         421
Salt                                            2          12       

mature starter                                       22
unbleached all purpose flour                  30
Whole wheat flour                                 30
water                                                    31

Final Dough
Unbleached all purpose flour                500      
Water                                                  390
Salt                                                       12                                                       
Levain                                                  113

3 T. roasted garlic paste and 2 medium onions, sliced
60 g grated mature Weydeland cheese

This is what I did:
The night before I prepared the levain by mixing all ingredients in a plastic bowl, covering with plastic and leave to ferment for the night (8 hours) until well expanded.

I roasted the 3 whole heads of garlic (cut off the tops) and 2 medium onions. I placed each garlic head and the sliced onion in a muffin tin and drizzled a teaspoon olive oil over it. I roasted it at 176°C until it was soft and brown. Squeeze them out of their skins and mash them with some pepper/salt and 2 Tablespoons of olive oil. Place in the refrigerator until ready to use.
I added the fermented levain, flours, wheat germ, salt to about 85% of the water. I mixed it until all ingredients combined (2 minutes).  Then I mixed on medium speed to reach a medium level of gluten development.
I added the remaining water in portions and mixed until it is incorporated. The dough will be very soft and will not come together around the dough hook, but it should have strength and elasticity.

Bulk Fermentation: transfer the dough to a slightly oiled containers, cover and leave for 4  hours. 

Stretch/Fold: after 30, 60 and 90 minutes give the dough a stretch and fold.

Shaping: I divided the dough into 10 pieces and loosely shaped them into balls, covered with a towel and left for 20 minutes to rest.
To place the filling of garlic-onion paste with grated cheese I gently pressed it into a thick disc. I spread half of the garlic-onion paste in the center of the dough and topped it with half the grated cheese.
To form a pouch around the filling, I pulled the sides of the dough up. Turn the dough over and gently round the dough into a smooth ball, trying to keep the filling in the center. Pinch the seam on the bottom firmly closed.

Proofing: I proofed the buns for 2 hours (instead of the 4 hours).

Pre heating: I pre heated the oven to 230°C.

Preparing and Baking: When the oven is hot enough I boil water and pour it in a glass bottle with a long neck. I pour some boiling water on the hot stones and quickly close the oven door to keep the steam in the oven.
I placed the buns on parchment on a peel and transfered to the oven and quickly slide the buns on the baking stone. After some minutes I add some more water to get more steam.
I baked the buns 10 minutes with steam and quickly removed the parchment paper and the steam pan. I baked the buns for another 25 minutes. Then turned off the oven and left the buns in for another 10 minutes, with the door ajar.
Bake the buns until it is dark brown colored.

Cooling: Let the buns cool completely on a wire rack.

Not my most beautiful buns I agree, but maybe my most delicious buns.

I send this to Zorra’s World Bread Day and to Susan’s YeastSpotting showcase


  1. Congrats to your second the granddaughter.
    As Swiss I do not agree with your cheese statement, anyway I love your buns! :-) Thank you for participating in World Bread Day 2014!

  2. Thanks Zorra, it's good to see you love your own Swiss cheese, probably as much as we do! Also this year it was fun participating World Bread Day 2014