Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Potato rolls with Lievito Madre

This month Stefanie of Hefe und Mehr is the lovely host for Bread Baking Day 54. She came up with the theme: overnight. She had fun baking several overnight rolls and loaves. And so did I.

I’ve baked overnight loaves before. I placed the dough in my refrigerator (also known as retarder-proofer) and baked the loaf the next morning for breakfast. Retarded proofing changes the flavor in bread and provide a crusty crust. Often the acidity will increase.
Before I had a look at my long list of “breads to bake” I had a look at Stefanie’s overnight rolls. I immediately loved her potato rolls with Lievito Madre. I had to find out what ‘Lievito Madre’ is: it’s an Italian sourdough.

When I started with sourdough I had to start from scratch and for days I was ‘collecting’ natural yeast and bacterial spores from the air. In the beginning I was very impressed by sourdough and especially starting my own starter. There are so many ‘instructions’ on how to collect your own and how to start and many ‘do’s and don’ts’. After days of collecting I had a bucket with bad smelling stuff and after several attempts I tried to convince Peter that the last one smelled not so bad. He just said: ‘it smells like vomit’. And again our compost pile grew a bit. Finally I succeeded with Peter Reinhardt’s pineapple sourdough starter. This is 2 years ago and I’m still using it!  I even have some dried for an “emergency”. 

I tell you this because I used a little bit of my sourdough starter to get the Lievito Madre going. Why? because I wanted to eat the rolls as soon as possible. Next time I’ll start the Lievito Madre from scratch like Stefanie did.

As said before, often acidity will increase with retarded proofing, but using Lievito Madre gave the rolls no extra acidity. The rolls smelled a bit sweet. When I placed the rolls in the oven I too enjoyed the moment of great oven spring. These rolls are in the top 3 of “our favorite rolls”. The crust is good, not too thick and the crumb is open and the flavor is slightly sweet. 

We had some for breakfast with our favorite Dutch cheese. You have to get up early (I started at 06.00 AM) to prepare but we had delicious warm rolls for breakfast! 

Thanks Stefanie.

Name                               Potato rolls with Lievito Madre
Adapted from
                   Stefanie of Hefe und Mehr
Lievito Madre                    Stefanie of
Hefe und Mehr
Yields                               6 rolls
Dough temp.                     24°C
Lievito madre                   5 – 9 days
Mixing                              3  minutes
Autolyse                           30  minutes
Fermentation                    8 - 10 hours
Stretch/Fold                     3 times 4 folds
Shape                              10 minutes
Proof at roomtemp.          40 minutes  hours
Prepare steam/bake          1 hour
Bake 250°C                       25 minutes

This is what I used:
Bakers formula                  %        grams
Flour                                100     500
Water                               50      250
Salt                                   2        10

Lievito Madre                   grams
start mixture: (ferment 2 days at roomtemperature)
Unbleached AP 550             200
Water                               100
Honey                               25
Oil                                    15

1th feeding: (ferment 1 - 2 days at roomtemperature)
from start mixture             100
Unbleached AP 550            100

Water                               50
Honey                               5

2nd (and continue) feeding: (ripen 2 -  5 days in refrigerator)
from 1th feeding                100
Unbleached AP 550             100

Water                               50

Final Dough
Lievito Madre                   50      (use directly from refrigerator)
Crème Fraiche                  60      (I used homemade yoghurt)
Unbleached AP flour          350
Water                              150
Salt                                 10
Yeast, dried                     0.6
Mashed potatoes              150

This is what I did:
Lievito Madre: 
Mix and feed as needed to get a mature Lievito Madre.

Baking day:
The final dough: I added all of the ingredients in the mixing bowl of a spiral mixer and mixed until all was well combined. I left the dough rest for 30 minutes. Then I folded it 4 times from the outside of the bowl to the middle. Repeat this (rest and folding) another 2 times. Cover the dough and let it ferment for 8 – 10 hours (overnight) at room temperature.

The next morning:
Pre heating
: Pre heat the oven, with baking stone and cake pan with stones, to 250°C.

Shaping: I divided the dough into 6 pieces of 85 gram each. Shape into rolls. Place them on parchment paper on a peel.

Proofing: Cover with a towel and proof for 40 minutes.

Score: lengthwise.

Preparing and Baking: When the oven is hot enough I boil water and pour it in a glass bottle with a long neck. I pour some boiling water on the hot stones and quickly close the oven door to keep the steam in the oven.
I baked the rolls 20 minutes with steam and opened the oven door to release steam and baked them another 5 minutes until they were nicely brown colored.

Cooling: Let the rolls cool on a wire rack. Or eat them with some cheese that melts on  the warm crumb. 

I send this to Susan’s YeastSpotting, to Bake Your Own Bread and to Stefanie’s Hefe und Mehr, host for BBD 54

What did you bake this month? Don’t forget to show it.


  1. The rolls look great. I'm happy that you like them and that you participate in BBD :-D

  2. Thanks Stefanie, it was fun baking them and more fun eating them. I enjoyed the round up you made for BBD 53.