Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ensaïmadas with "Paps" vanilla-cream

We were in the mood for something sweet, but not too sweet. I found Ensaïmadas on the blog of Notities van Lien.

These breads originate from the Philippines. There are many video’s on how to make them. The first time I used half the amounts suggested.

As always it takes time to proof, these breads had proofed enough. They were big and beautiful. I made vanilla-cream and this makes a perfect treat.


500 gr flour
75 gr sugar
½ teaspoon salt
3 teaspoon dry yeast
200-225 ml lukewarm milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil
150 gr melted 2/3 butter and 1/3 shortening. Or use only butter.
icing sugar (for serving)

Mix the flour with sugar and salt in a big bowl. Pour 200 ml of the lukewarm milk on the yeast in the middle of the flour. Let it rest for 15 minutes till it starts to bubble.
Put in the whisked eggs, olive oil and the remaining milk. Mix till it becomes smooth dough. Put the dough in a bowl, big enough to double, greased with a little bit of oil. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let it rise till it has doubled in size.
Put the dough on the work surface and divide into equal portions. I used 70 gr. Each.
Make balls of the dough, cover them and let them rest for about 30 minutes.

Flatten the balls, roll with a rolling pin to oblong. Brush the butter-mix on the of the piece of dough; stretch the dough a little more. Roll from the long side till you have a long thin sausage. Make a loose spiral, with space for rising. Put the ends together and underneath the dough.
Place them on baking paper. Leave enough space between the buns to rise.

Spread with butter-mix and let them proof. I let them proof for about 3 hours.

Baking: Pre-heat the oven on 200°C and bake them for about 16 – 20 minutes or till they are gold brown. Let them cool on a tray and dust with icing sugar.

I made vanilla-cream to put into the Ensaïmadas, enjoy this.

Recipe source: inspired by Lien’s recipe

“Paps” Vanilla-cream by my Father-in-law
250 ml milk
½ vanilla bean
2 egg yolk
40 gr brown sugar
25 gr flour

With a sharp knife open the vanilla bean and place it in the milk, with a pinch of salt. Slowly heat the milk till it starts to cook. Don’t let it cook. Leave it for about 15 minutes.

Remove the seeds from the vanilla bean and place them in the milk.
Mix the egg yolk with the sugar till it is thick and foamy. Put in the flour and stir till you have a nice batter.

First mix a part of the warm milk trough the batter. Than pour it back into the pan with milk. Stir it well and put the pan back on the stove. Heat it up a little; keep stirring till it becomes a thick cream. Take the pan of the fire.

Put plastic wrap on the cream. It must make contact with the cream; to prevent a thick skin. Put the cream in the refrigerator till you want to use it.

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  1. The ensaimadas look very delicious. I like the idea to fill them with vanilla cream very much!