Thursday, May 21, 2015

Persian Flatbread or Nan e Barbari

Brotwein is the host for Bread Baking Day 74 and she asked for savory bread. I knew I wanted to bake flat bread because we love savory flat breads. It goes well with so many dishes. We love to eat sesame seeds, garlic and onion. I can say we almost every day have some in our food.

It’s an easy recipe as long as you can accept the slack dough. I have to admit I had to control myself to add just a bit of extra flour during mixing to give it more strength. It's good I did control myself because it worked very well. The dough rose very well. I shaped it by pulling it with wet hands under the dough. I pre-cooked the garlic and onions and dry roasted the sesame seeds. The romal (sauce) is spread over the dough before baking.

We ate the Nan e Barbari with sun dried tomato soup; this brought the sun back to our rainy day.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hamburger buns

 They taste as they look: absolutely delicious 

with Peter's hamburger

soft good tasting and good smelling crumb and nice light crusty crust

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dutch Sourdough Brown Bread with Oats

"Breads from all over the world" is what Susanna from Mehlstaubundofenduft likes to see. She is the host for Bread Baking Day 73.

I'm born in the Netherlands and moved to Thailand almost 10 years ago. I started to bake our own bread because Thailand has no original bread culture. Of course you can buy bread everywhere in the world, but all we could find here was white fabric baked bread. Nowadays you can find very nice baked artisan bread in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and probably in other places too. But in our small village in the North of Thailand we still can't find a nice artisan baked bread. 

Susanna likes to see bread typical from my country. The Netherlands is a typical Bread country with enough bread to choose from. The first one that came to my mind was a typical Dutch loaf: tijgerbrood or Dutch crunchy crust. I had no rise flour in the house, only rise starch and that doesn't work. Of course I tried it and it gives a nice whitish crust but not the beautiful tiger pattern I was looking for.

Today I baked typical Dutch bread; brown bread and I rolled it in oats. It tastes very nice. 

Here in Thailand we just finished Songkran; Thai new year celebration for the year 2558. So with this delicious typical brown bread from the Netherlands we wish all you a happy new year.